Sunday, October 5, 2008

Restored Power= Happiness

Whew, finally, 15 days after Hurricane Ike, my power was restored. A week after that, my Internet, cable and land phone line has been restored. It has been a very tiresome experience, but all in all, just a major inconvenience. My fellow Houston friends and I were very lucky, none of us suffered any major damages to our property, and our loved ones (humans/pets) were unharmed. I am very thankful to be able to say that, but that being said, I DON”T EVER WANT TO GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN! Please take my word: attempting to sleep in 90-degree heat and humidity with no breeze is not a walk in the park. I know people do it everyday, but I was simply not use to it. And I can tell you most Houstonians that I know were not either!

As the fourth largest city in the US, we were sorely unprepared for this storm. The storm was a Category 2, not a 3, not a 4, but a Cat 2! Yet it took 2 weeks to get power back up! I shudder to think what a stronger storm would have done to us. I have a feeling working for an engineering firm; we will start seeing many proposals for changes for Houston infrastructures. Although, I am quite confident, it will be quite a while for the process to reach completion. Somehow, I don’t see myself living in this portion of the country when it happens.

I am just very happy that my power and other services are back in working order! I don’t want to seem all ‘and the lesson I learned was…’, but I did realize that I can live without those perks. Will I cancel those services? Hell to the no! I have basic cable that is cutting back for me!

So now that my life is starting to resemble a normal routine again, I can say Halloween is almost here. For some reason, I am very excited about this holiday. I really have a feeling I will feel this way until after the New Year. I can’t really put it into words or explain it. I don’t think it is because I am single again. I am not going out or planning to go out for Halloween. Really, I feel as big as a house and completely unattractive, plus I am saving money to pay off bills. I also have no plans for the rest of the holidays either. I am just looking forward to this holiday season. I also have plans for much blogging also! I plan to blog about top ten monsters, review of some of my favorite horror movies, and favorite Halloween movies, just to name a few topics. So stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy the upcoming blogs!

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