Thursday, July 24, 2008


I was surfing the web and came across this quote, ‘Forty is the new twenty.’ God forbid! My twenties were one long test that I failed miserably. I quickly came across a different quote, ‘Forty is the new thirty.’ That I can work with. I loved my thirties! Now don't get me wrong, my thirties were also one long test, but this time I was better equipped to understand the questions. Although, the jury is still out on whether or not I have passed.

Why the quotes with references of forty? It is because I am turning 39 this Friday, July 25th. I thought it would be fun and productive to look up lists on 40 things to do before turning forty. Most of them were pretty silly (color my hair, get a makeover). Well, at least they seemed silly to me , also I view those as just maintenance not goals. Some of the goals were just impossible (write a book, learn a foreign language). Maybe impossible is the wrong word, I really mean impracitical . I guess it is possible to achieve those goals, but not if I still want to complete other goals I have for myself.

Then I realized a list of forty things to do or accomplish within a year is just not practical. The whole point, for me, to do these things is to get out of the house, try new things and enjoy life. I know myself, and I seriously doubt I am going to enjoy these great ideas and goals if I put myself on an unrealistic deadline with too many tasks. I can just see myself trying to do 10-20 things next July justto complete my list 'on time'. I want these goals/experiences to enrich my life, and hopefully improve my horrible people skills along the way. So instead, I have trimmed it down to just a few instead.

OK, so here we go:

1) Join a group or organization that I am have an interest in. Not to meet a husband, or to impress anyone either. Just to find something of interest that I can believe in and support. Hopefully this can be a way to get active and support our community.

2) Attend a meeting in a subject that I have always been interested in, but not familiar or comfortable with. It does not have to be fulltime or that I have to join. It is more about testing my limits and getting me out of my comfort zone, and gaining more knowledge. After all knowledge is power.

3) Enter a competition. Not sure where I want to take this to, but I could see it being more than one thing. I would really like to send my writing out, but also to compete in some primal way also. It is hard to explain, it is just a feeling I feel I need to fill. I want to be at the top of my game in some area of my life again.

4) Transcribe ALL of my writing into electronic format. I have been meaning to do this for years. Hopefully this will inspire me to write more. Although, it is very hard to write and not smoke. That was my thing, my writing process. Even doing just this is very difficult without smoking.

5) Attend on cultural event each and every month. I did pretty well this last year, although it is hard with money being so tight. I want to see it all: plays, art exhibits, dance recitals. I think I may even want to try the opera or symphony. I have a feeling it just may not be my thing,. I did that last year with ballet. I like the music, but I was a bit bored. At least I tried it.

6) Take a class in something I have never tried before. I am feeling very Rosie. I think I would like to take a welding class or something crafty. I would also like or take a yoga or Tai Chi class to see if I am doing it correctly. Maybe even a cooking class.

7) I want to get a hold of a required high school reading list and read all the books on it. My high school years were so miserable, so I skipped school as much as possible. As a result I have never read some of the classic or even the basics. Sometimes I feel real unintelligent due to this. The saddest thing is not sharing the experience with someone in a group/class setting.

8) Lose enough weight so I can go skydiving before I turn 40! I also want to go cave spelunking again. I really enjoyed it, and have wanted to do it again for years. I know none of my friends will go with me, but maybe I can make some friends who do like it.

9) Have a dinner night with friends. Even if it is every other month, I think it would be a blast and something to look forward to doing. This takes more than just me. Not sure if it is a whole potluck kind of thing or each friend does a different theme night. I shall ask and we shall see what happens.

10) Try and go back to church. I really miss nurturing the spiritual side of myself. I really love God, it is just his dumb followers that piss me off. I don’t know what I will find out there, but I feel I am ready to try again.

Well, that is a start. Also I promise myself not to beat myself up if I fall short of the mark. If I learn anything from this it will be to enjoy the journey instead of focusing in on reaching the finish line.



e. said...

these sound like great goals and i wish you much luck. let me know if i can help with any of them... (you know - except the cave-diving thing.)

salsez said...

I wouldn't mind going back to just can't be too, uh...praise jesusy.

salsez said...
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